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Colleen's love of horses began early in life, however when it comes to horses... love does not make up for lack of knowledge. For the last 22 years I have been on the immersion course to gain insight into various methods of working with and riding horses. Started in 1999 with Parelli Natural Horse-man-ship: appreciated the safety approach and the two week intensive course "Liberty and Horse Behavior" at the International Study Center. Since 2003 embarked on the deeper, more refinement teachings of the master horsemen: Bill Dorrance, Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman, Leslie Desmond and Manalo Mendez.  In addition, the study of the early Californio Vaquero horsemen traditions and Cowboy dressage. Most importantly the study of the bio-mechanics/anatomy participating in Dr. Deb Bennett's 5 day horse anatomy course.

Leslie Desmond, teaching us how to use "Feel and Release" in our groundwork and riding. This is a more in depth study of how our energy works in unison with our horse.

"There is more than a lifetime of learning when it comes to horses, it is the journey...not the destination. ...enjoy it ~

Colleen brings 25+ years of business experience and people skills from the business world: retail/wholesale sales, management and residential property manager for 30 years.  Colleen manages the day-to-day responsibilities at TRT Horse Ranch, when the chores are done, it's time to saddle up and enjoy the trails around Tumalo Reservoir or trailer to the Cascade Mountain trails just 40 minutes away. A nice balance between administrative duties, labor intensive work, and connection with horses.

Colleen relocated to Bend, OR fulfilling her 8-year dream of setting up a horse boarding facility with close access to incredibly beautiful trails. In 1999 the dream came to fruition after months of planning and building TRT Horse Ranch.

"If you can dream it, you can do it" Walt Disney

... "This is an incredible season of life, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to own and run TRT Horse Ranch. I enjoy meeting new clients and caring for their special equine friends."

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 ~ ~ ~ "Nita"  Fall Creek in the Cascade Mountains.

A beautiful winter day at Tumalo Reservoir

Colleen on "Nita", Laura on "Patch", Kelly on "Dandy" and Bruce on "Clu" ... a fall afternoon ride


 "Mi Hija" moving out at Tumalo Reservoir


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